How effective is whiteboard video

Done well, whiteboard it costs as much as any decent animation, but there are cheap routes, usually tacky.

Personally I don't believe whiteboard video is an effective learning mechanism.
Yes it catches the eye, watching a hand scribble.
But this distracts the audience from hearing the message.
And the spoken message is the engine of the video.
With whiteboard, people are too busy watching to hear what's being said.
Instead of sight & sound combining to increase information retention, they become separated, dividing the mind.
Video buyers don't stop to think about this "dividing the mind" process.
They just fall for the pictures
- while never taking the trouble to analyse audience retention rates.
I've never seen any data supporting whiteboard as a superior route to audience information retention.
Should I also mention that there are a lot of stats out there showing how quickly audiences forget what they learned?
Some say information is forgotten in hours, while others say less than a week.
Having made 1,000 training videos and won awards everywhere, I feel the trainer has to do whatever they can to make their audience remember & apply what they learned.
Which is why I like interactive learning, and script-driven video messages.
Perfectly combining sight & sound is the route to connecting all the parts of the viewer's brain.

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