How we collaborate on your technology video production

Technology platforms for collaboration

Effective, transparent communication is how the perfect video message is developed. 
It avoids problems & misunderstandings before they ever happen.
We achieve this using our cloud-based collaboration platforms at each video production stage, so all communications are shareable, instant and clear.
The platforms we use are:
Google Docs 
Used for text based work, such as scripts or written storyboard. This means one doc for all comments & reviews. No more multiple iterations of docs, endless email threads, and the misunderstandings they generate. Everything is instant, singular and quickly identifiable.
Used for visual storyboards and design samples. Boords allows customers, at the design stage, to see exactly what they’re going to get in their video, in granular detail. You can then make more effective comments & suggestions prior to approval. Boords is your online book-of-the-movie that you and your colleagues can share. Here's a Boords example
Adobe CC 
Used for design, animation & editing. Adobe are the world market leaders. They set the standards others try to imitate. It means you're getting the best tools for your project.
Vimeo Professional 
Used for video previews & proofing, delivery, hosting and audience analytics. When proofing video, Vimeo Pro allows you and colleagues to view a video and click in it wherever you require a change or amend. A Chat Box pops up for you to make comments. Everyone, both editor and colleagues, can see immediately what you've suggested, discuss it, and click as completed when done. Once a video is delivered we can host it on Vimeo Pro for you free of charge. Vimeo Pro comes with a suite of highly visual analytics tools to quickly check how well your video is performing.
Google Meet 
We us Google Meet for webcam meetings, or your preferred webcam choice.
Plan Toggl 
This is used for project scheduling. It's very visual. It allows you to see your key approval points very easily, or check work-in-progress.

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