Music selection

Do I need music?

Videos generally need music to give them energy.

Having an energy pulse of music sitting underneath a voiceover and lots of impactful animation or footage brings the whole visual production to life.

But - the music theme should not dominate. 

We’ve seen videos where a great hit song killed off the video as no one watched. Viewers just listened and happily ignored the video message.

What sort of music do I need?

Most videos need three music tracks, or sections:


An inspiring opening theme which grabs attention


An energy pulse track for the main body of the video


A final climax piece, or some sense of fulfillment / readiness

How do I choose my music?

Any tune used must not be disliked by any large segment of the potential audience

So this mostly says “goodbye” to minority tastes, except in special cases. So no hip hop!

What we’re left with is any tune that’s not too dominating, has energy & fulfillment, and doesn’t annoy anyone.

And there are 3 of these tracks needed for a standard 2-3 minute corporate video.

Normally we’ll select music tracks for you - tracks that we know from experience will go with your chosen voiceover and video style.

Most clients trust us to get this right. But if you really want to be involved, we can send a playlist of suggested music tracks for you to choose from.

There’s an art to this - you need to listen to the voiceover samples and music samples together.

Also - if you’ve heard a track in another video, and want something in that style, then send us the link, and we’ll identify similar tracks.

When selecting music, initially, the music tracks are often longer than needed - we'll always edit the best bits to fit the flow of the story. 

Where does my video music come from?

We buy a license to use tracks from a high quality music vendor like Musicvine.

While editing, we use an audio-watermarked version of the music.

You can then approve this when you hear it in context with the voiceover and imagery.

Once approved we replace the music with the final version.

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