Video Delivery

When do I pay for my video?

When you approve your video, we’ll send you an invoice for the balance due.

Once the balance is received, we’ll send a link to download the video.

In what format is my video delivered?

Your video is delivered as a 1080HD .mp4 video file.

How do I download my video?

You’ll be sent a link which will take you to a download screen.

Video download screen

You'll see a number of different download options - please select "Original" for uploading to youtube etc.

What can I do with my video file?

You can:

  • Play it directly from your computer
  • Upload it to youtube
  • Play it on your website
  • Place it within a powerpoint presentation
  • Upload it to your social media pages
  • Link to it from an email

What can’t I do with my video?

Unless specifically agreed with the producer at the start of the project, you can’t use your video as a 'commercial', or 'pre-roll' prior to other content running - such as commercials that play on YouTube before the requested content begins.

This is because the music and voiceover would both require a more expensive, commercial licence.

Do you offer video hosting?

Yes. We offer free hosting of your video on vimeo. 
This gives you consistent playback, and key data on how well your video is performing.

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