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How do I play my video on my website?

This is a job for your web developer or IT Manager.

We recommend hosting your video on a dedicated video server - like YouTube (which is free but may include adverts) or Vimeo (a monthly cost if you have your own account) or Wistia (free with their branding).

This will auto-detect the viewer's available bandwidth and stream the video at the appropriate quality, whether 1080HD, 720SD or 480SD

So if the viewer has a poor video connection, they will see a lesser quality, more compressed file, while if they have a good connection they'll see your video at its absolute best.

And it doesn't matter how many people are watching the video at the same time.

We recommend this for consistent, reliable performance.

You can also choose what happens when the video finishes playing. The video can

  • Stop and hold the last frame
  • Show the thumbnail image
  • Loop and playing again.

The videos on our website are all streamed using Vimeo:

What thumbnail image will be displayed?

When using a hosting service, the opening screen (before you press play) can show any relevant image - either a still frame selected from the video, or a separate image you upload.

This is often called a Thumbnail image.

Here's the YouTube screen for selecting a thumbnail:

Can I upload the video file to my website instead?

It is not a good idea to upload your video file directly to your website server, as a website server is too slow to serve video correctly.

The video will buffer so slowly that the viewer has to stop playing it and wait for it to catch up - or it will stop and start and stutter throughout.

Do you offer video hosting?

Yes. We offer free hosting of any video we produce, on Vimeo.

This helps us to evaluate your key data so we can give you feedback on how well your video is performing.

How do we use the hosted video file?

Here are the 2 options for using our hosted video file:

1: Link direct to video source

If your website software allows you to link directly to the video source, we’ll send you a link to use. For instance, we use Powerpack video in Wordpress:

Link direct to video source

2: Embed code

Alternatively, we can supply html embed code. This is a small piece of code that you put on your webpage.

Your webdev will know which of these he / she wants, and can let us know.

What does Vimeo’s video analytics include?

Vimeo hosting comes with first rate analytics. It’s visual video performance data.

We can send you these visual report each month, so you can see

- how many views your video had

- how many watched the video right to the end

- where did viewers switch off and abandon your video? What was the abandonment rate?

For example, the blue graph section in the example below shows the drop-off rate so you can identify exactly when your viewers stop watching your video.

Vimeo video analytics

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