Low cost 3D Presenter choices

What 3D presenter choices are there?

Having made the decision to buy a 3D Presenter video, first you need to choose the character most suited to your production.

We offer nine basic 3D presenters, male and female, in a variety of outfits:

Female 3D Presenters

Male 3D Presenters

We have a video showcase of the 3D presenters - so you can see exactly how each one looks and moves.

3D PRESENTER SHOWCASE: Videos of all the 3D Presenters

How can I customise my chosen 3D presenter?

The videos above show you all the customisations you can make.

Each presenter comes with a choice of 2 outfits - for instance Amy can wear a skirt, or trousers.

We can also change the colour of the hair, skin, eyes, clothes and shoes.

How can I see what my presenter looks like?

Let the studio know which presenter you’d like, and how you’d like them customised.

For instance, here we started with Amy in workwear. Then we made the following choices:

  • Skin: Brown
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: brown
  • Outfit: Shirt and trousers (no vest)
This was the final look

Sample 3D Presenter artwork

We’ll send you a sample so you can see how your presenter will look.

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