Foreign video production

We have a proven process for producing accurate foreign language videos.

Here’s an overview so you know what to expect:

We translate the English voiceover and on-screen captions. This will be documented in a spreadsheet so you see the English and foreign sentences next to each other.

We offer 2 voiceover samples for you to choose from.

You proof and approve the translation, ensuring that any specific H&S terms have been correctly translated. We’ll provide a “Translation Checker’s Guide” for you to pass on to the person doing this work.

Once approved, we will record the voiceover with a single female voiceover artist.

We then complete the production of the video.

Here’s what you’ll need to provide

A local foreignspeak person who can check our translation agency translation for your specific industry and technical terms, plus current cultural speech.

Your tasks will include:

  • Selecting the voiceover
  • Proofing and approving the translation prior to recording

Remember: the translation agency may have used a person who is grammatically correct, but not necessarily in sync with your audience.

Additionally it pays to have another level of checking, rather than having someone in your target audience do this for you when you're playing it live!

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