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What is sample artwork?

Now you’ve given us your branding material, your brochure or website, we know exactly how you’d like your video to look.

We also have your outline storyboard so we have a description of what visual elements go with each sentence.

The designer will look at your storyboard, and identify 3 typical examples that show a variety of elements from your video, whether captions, icons, photos, characters or footage.

The designer will produce these 3 screens as sample artwork so you can see exactly what your video is going to look like. This is it’s style.

At this stage, these are still images (not video clips), which we call style frames.

When we send you a link to view these, you’ll see the three images with the corresponding script underneath. You can view them full screen, or cycle through them to see how they appear as a visual sequence.

At this stage you collaborate with your designer by adding your comments, which they will see immediately and act on accordingly.

Sample artwork is a key approval stage - you need to approve this sample artwork when you’re 100% satisfied with it.

Sample artwork

How does the sample artwork relate to my outline storyboard?

Style frames (sample artwork) are a combination of a piece of your script matched precisely with an image. This choice of “style” will eventually form the basis of your fully illustrated storyboard at the next stage of production.

For example, it shows what your icons look like, what backgrounds you’ll have etc.

What’s included in the sample artwork?

Your sample artwork is indicative of the style of the rest of the video.

It shows various style elements that will be in your video, whether it’s 2D or 3D characters, photographs, screenshots or footage.

The artwork also helps you confirm that we are following your corporate branding guidelines, and using the right fonts, palette colours and icons. 

How do I view my sample artwork?

We’ll send you a link to view your sample artwork online.

TRY THIS: Here’s an online example

Click on any thumbnail image to see it full screen.

Then use the arrow keys at the top right to move through the screens.

You can then write comments directly on the screen.

The designer will receive these comments immediately, and can act on and resolve them.

For this we use Boords online storyboard software.

Please note: if you’re not comfortable using Boords for the first time, the designer will walk you through making a comment.

These discussions are essential at this stage before going into full production. You have to be completely happy and in agreement with what you see. You’re the expert!

Sample artwork approval

This is the third of the 5 Key Approvals 
Reminder: the previous two were script and outline storyboard.

Once all the comments have been made by members of your Team and have been resolved, please formally approve your sample artwork by emailing the Studio.

NEXT STEPS: Once you approve the style frames, then we can continue with the graphic development, confident that you’ll like the overall style of your video.

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