Voiceover selection

What is a voiceover?

A voiceover is when someone reads your script. This is done by a voiceover artist.

You can choose from a selection of artists which one you prefer. You do this by listening to samples of 2 or 3 artists reading the first line of your script.

It’s a professional recording, done in an audio studio to a high quality.

How do I choose a voiceover that’s right for me?

Choice of voiceover is a very personal thing, and we recommend you do this in conjunction with your Producer’s experience.

Your Producer has heard many voiceover artists on many different kinds of videos, so they have a feeling for what’s right for yours.

Sometimes clients have a clear opinion as to whether they want a man or a woman, whether they want a particular accent, or what age range and ethnicity is suitable for their product or market demographic.

If the video is in English, do you want it read by an English voice, an American voice - or an Australian voice, for example?

What makes a good voiceover?

A good voiceover breathes life into your script, is subtle as a maestro violinist and has an inherently good nature that infuses your script with positivity.

How do I know whether to pick a man or a woman?

If you’ve already chosen a presenter character, for example, for your video, it’s the gender of the character.

You can consider whether your audience is predominantly male or female, and whether the gender of the voiceover will matter to this demographic.

It’s often a personal preference to be agreed between you and your colleagues.

Can I listen to voiceover samples?

Once you’ve confirmed whether you want a male or female voiceover, and their accent, we’ll send you a link to 2 or 3 voiceover artists reading the first paragraph of your script.

They will all be professional, so it's a matter of taste.

Voiceover selection screen

Please take a listen to the samples we send, and click the “heart” to let the Studio know which you prefer.

If you have unusual words that might be difficult to pronounce, then record the sentence into your phone and send it to the Studio to forward to the voiceover artist for guidance.

Are there foreign language voiceovers?

In this sequence of production steps, we’re looking at English language video.

We can produce videos in any language, so if you want a foreign language video, for guidance please visit our foreign language section. 

Voiceover selection approval

You need to approve your voiceover selection.

Once you have approved your voiceover artist, if you change your mind after recording, and want a different voiceover artist, there will be an additional cost.

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