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What is a storyboard?

A storyboard is an illustrated way of connecting your script to the images that are going to appear in your video. It comes in 2 stages


An outline storyboard


A fully illustrated storyboard

What is an outline storyboard?

An outline storyboard is a text document - an outline of how your video might look.

You and your producer work on this collaboratively at an online storyboard meeting, with the script text presented on the left side of a table, and what images will be needed on the right side.

Please note: Each cell or line in the table will have a number. This is your Storyboard Number

Outline storyboard example

You discuss what image might be needed, and if it needs a caption you’ll write what the caption is.

The image may be a graphic, a photograph, some stock video, or video content that needs to be filmed.

It’s an outline illustration of your whole video.

From this, we’ll generate your to-do list. For instance, we'll need you to supply your branding graphics and font requirements.

How does the storyboard relate to the script?

Every relevant script phrase or sentence is matched off with an image description.

What do I need to bring to the outline storyboard meeting?

First, you need an early night so you’re completely fresh and creative :)

Bring your ideas. It’s ok if they’re crazy.

Someone else in the meeting will pick up the baton and convert your idea into a practical, affordable visual.

If it’s going to be related to anything you’ve already produced, bring samples, or a link if it’s a website, or other videos you’ve seen that you liked.

It’s an interesting, fun thing to do, and it takes about 60 minutes!

What’s the output from the meeting?

From the meeting, we consolidate all the ideas gained into a practical outline storyboard for you to view and approve.
- You supply any requested images to the Studio which we incorporate. 
- You review this outline storyboard and action anything that still needs doing
- Once satisfied, you approve the outline by email in order to move onto the fully illustrated storyboard stage.

Outline storyboard approval

This is the second of the 5 Key Approvals    
Reminder: the previous one was the script.

What happens once the outline storyboard is approved?

Once the storyboard is approved, and you supply all the requested materials, then 2-3 still images of sample artwork will be created, so you can see what it’s going to look like, and approve it.

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