Your approvals

What things do I have to approve during production?

Approvals are needed at every step of the process.

You need to allow for your own internal approval times for the 5 production stages, ie, script, outline storyboard, sample artwork, illustrated storyboard, final delivery.

You can see your approval window for each activity in our online video schedule timeline, and know how many days you have to complete each approval.

We can't move to the next stage without each approval. So please make a note of these approval dates.

What are the key approval points?

There are 5 key approval points

Script approval


Outline storyboard approval


Sample artwork approval


Illustrated storyboard approval


Final video approval

You may also be asked to approve other items during the production, eg voiceover selection  or music track. But these are the key approval points - where we can’t move forward until you’re happy.

Typical approval timeline?

For example, if each approval stage takes you a day, then 5 days are added onto your schedule. If you need 3 days per approval, this adds 15 days to your schedule.

In effect your own timely response is a major factor in delivery speed.

We use Togl or Basecamp professional schedulers.

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