Video schedule

What’s a video schedule?

If you have a key delivery date, for instance for an event or product launch, then it’s important that we all work to a schedule to ensure timely delivery.

At the start of your project, we’ll provide a link to your online schedule which you can refer to at any time. Sometimes timing on video production is quite fluid, but this is your guide.

The online scheduling system shows each step in your production, and the date when it happens.

Once the step is completed this changes colour so you know what’s been done.

Snapshot of an online schedule

Using the schedule software

Your schedule is updated as we move through the project - so you can always refresh the calendar to see where we are.

It should be fairly intuitive to some of you, but here's a quick walkthrough:

Key to the symbols you see

  • CL - You, the Client
  • LR - Linda Rossiter (Creative Director / Project Manager)  
  • ED - Editor / Designer
  • Kevin's face - The Producer

To see more details, click on any coloured block.

To see the week or month view, click the search icon at the bottom right of the screen.

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