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What is the script meeting?

It’s an online meeting between you and the person who’ll be writing your script, where you’ll collaboratively agree the content.

This script will be written in an online Google Doc which you can see in real time, and which you discuss as you go through. It’s a collaborative process, based on your script discussions.

The Producer’s script will be written, and be available to you online to refer to at any time.

How do I prepare for the script meeting?

Please make a list of bullet points about the content of your video. 

Pay the 50% deposit for the video. You will have received an invoice for this.

You’ll receive an invitation for a webcam meeting.

Please invite any of your colleagues who need to be involved in the decision making process.

These may include Senior Executives who attend briefly, Professional advisors, for example your Health & Safety Manager, Branding or Legal Managers.

They don’t necessarily have to attend other meetings.

This gets everyone on board to get a good start, even if some don’t join in later, and creates a convivial feeling in the group.
ACTION: Prepare your list of bullet points.

What’s the agenda for a script meeting?

The meeting will last around 60 minutes

Together we will:

  • Confirm your goals & the scope of the overall project
  • Develop the script based on the prepared bullet point list
  • Review creative choices, eg, characters rqd, backgrounds rqd, icons rqd
  • Be inducted in the video production process - all the things that are going to happen, in the order they happen, and in the timescale needed to complete your video to your deadline
  • Discuss the production schedule & confirm delivery dates. We will then send you the  schedule
  • Bond as a team
  • Appoint an anchorperson
  • Q&A
ACTION: Send the producer a list of people who need to be invited to the script meeting

What happens after the script meeting?

Kevin Rossiter, your Producer, will draft your script and send it for your amends.

Typically a script takes 3 iterations to reach approval.

A provisional Video Production Schedule through to delivery will be sent to your anchorperson.
ACTION: Decide who will be your anchor person for this video project.

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