How do you guarantee my low cost video will be any good?

Your low cost video will be excellent, and you'll be proud of it.

Here's why:

All videos, regardless of cost, are script-driven.

The script is the engine of your video, ie, 

Poor script = poor video

Great script = great video

The effectiveness of your video will be based on a great script that you only approve when you think it's perfect.

High end quality will never compensate for a weak script.

This is why low cost video can be so effective, because it's based around an effective script rather than a striking, expensive visual concept.

High flown visual concepts are not what end users are looking for when they engage with you.

They need useful information, well explained, to help them make a decision.

To write your low cost video, you get:

- a professional scriptwriter who will research your project first, 

- ensuring they understand your business and video goals, 

- then collaborate with you online to produce the winning script.

You can expect your script to go through at least 3 iterations, which is normal, while 6 iterations isn't unusual.

This stringent quality process is in place to develop your most effective message, and ensures your low cost video has a perfect script.

A similar quality process applies at each subsequent stage of your low cost video, whether visual development, animation, choice of voiceover, etc

The result is a video that will engage your target audience.

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