How does explainer video help a technology company increase sales?

Your video needs to deliver maximum Impact, Reach & Return

This is the overall goal.

Achieving your goal is embedded into the fabric of our video production process.

First: Everything starts with researching your market to identify how you can establish market leadership, particularly among your pragmatic early majority buyers. 

These should be your Target Buyers. 

They’re actively looking for the market leader in your field, the technology company who offers a risk-free, cost effective solution to their current outdated, costly methods. 

Your video should focus primarily on these buyers and their needs

- compared with, say, early adopter visionary buyers

- who often demand extra mods or unreasonable support levels..

The pragmatic Early Majority Buyer is always the real goal, whether you're a startup or been trading for years.

Next we help you identify your most promising Vertical Markets, or Target Customer segments,

ie, the customers who’ll gain 

- the most immediate benefit from your solution 

- in the shortest possible time

- from your plain vanilla standard package.

This is where you'll win fastest.

Summing up: All this research information will help you identify the most effective messages for your video.

Script, storyboard and editing will then build on these effective messages.

Once the video is made, we can further advise on multi-channel video outreach or longer term video strategy

- as most technologists need a series of videos to establish market leadership.

Our technology & software video experience ranges from enterprise scale disruptive platforms, to task-specific SAAS applications, and all stages in between.

Our experience tells us that our technology clients are often “too close to their baby” to get the clearest market picture

- or are overinfluenced by the demands of visionary early adopters .

This is why our market research provides greater clarity, enabling you to aim for a much broader market leadership.

This is how technology companies increase sales with video.

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