I need an in-depth 3 minute explanation of of our technology platform

An in-depth technology video explanation helps clients trust you because they better understand what you’re offering.

This particularly applies to your key vertical market.

We often advise a low cost video route, rather than overspending on a long video in the hope of impressing a potential new big client.

Why should you spend less rather than more?

Google worldwide data Feb 2020 states that delivering content that viewers are passionate about, for example, an in-depth explanation of your platform or service, ranks first place in viewers’ opinion.

What Google also say is that delivering high end production quality only ranks 10th place for viewers. 

This is a big difference, tenth-to-first place in viewers opinions.

It suggests that effective message & content that viewers care about are far more important than how much you spend on high end production quality.

A low cost video approach will tell your 3 minute technology explanation cleanly & clearly, helping potential eager clients to understand your technology enough for them to want to convince their friends and colleagues, or request a demo, or otherwise engage with you.

Low cost in-depth explainer video builds champions.

A low cost video will also convince non-techie Decision Makers to approve you, because they'll understand your offering much better.

Whatever your budget, low medium or high, we help you develop your technology video, from end-to-end, ensuring the simplest, most effective explanation gets delivered.

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