Our standard terms of business

Here are our standard terms of business

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50% non-refundable deposit will be paid in advance of each video

The balance will be payable on completion & approval by the Client

The Client has 2 weeks for final approval before the balance payment is automatically due

All prices quoted are ex UK VAT

All prices in £GBP or $USD - whichever is appropriate

No credit terms are offered. Prompt payment only

Payment by bank transfer or credit card only.

Due to exchange rate fluctuations, non-UK quotes are only valid for 30 days.

Amends & approvals

Your quotation allows for 1 voiceover recording session per video. Additional voiceover recording will be paid for by you, unless specified in a separate Quotation & Specification.

The video specification includes revisions at each approval stage. The project will not progress to the next stage until it is 100% approved by you.

At each stage, approval will be confirmed in writing by you.

Once an approval stage is confirmed as approved, further revisions or requests for changes may be chargeable, at the discretion of the Studio.

Your final pre-delivery amends will be attended to in one session, once they are all received, ie, amends aren’t sent as a series of piecemeal requests.


If your video exceeds the agreed runtime, you may be required to pay for the additional runtime at a pro rata rate.


If you delay or break an agreed delivery schedule, the Studio will no longer be liable for any previously agreed delivery date. Nonetheless we will always make our best efforts to keep to the previously agreed delivery.

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