Can you meet my pressing launch deadline?

Usually, yes.

For example a 1 minute low cost explainer video requires less than a week of studio work. 

It’s quick to produce

- because the actual studio production time is not especially lengthy.

What you need to allow for are your own internal approval times for the 5 production stages, ie, 

- script, 

- storyboard outline, 

- initial artwork, 

- illustrated storyboard, 

- final delivery.

For example, if each approval stage takes you a day, then 5 days are added onto your schedule 

- one day for each approval stage.

If you need 3 days per approval

- this adds 15 days to your schedule.

In effect, your own timely response is a major factor in delivery speed.

We suggest you and your colleagues diarise all your approval points to avoid schedule slippage.

We use Plan Toggl scheduler to keep your timetable organised.

We also use cloud-based collaboration tools for speedy review & approvals

NB: Cutting corners for faster delivery, eg, by skipping some approval stages, will in all probability lead to a video that's only 80% perfect.

The extra time taken for unplanned major late project corrections will:

- delay delivery 

- and probably increase cost.

We recommend organising and scheduling everything in advance to meet your pressing deadline

- which we will help you organise.

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