What’s the cost of extra revisions?

Revisions are included as standard at each stage in your production, eg, 

  • script revision to approval
  • design revision to approval
  • sample artwork revision to approval
  • voice over approval
  • outline storyboard revision to approval
  • illustrated storyboard to approval
  • 1st draft video revision to approval

From 1st viewing of your near-finished video, to final delivery, doesn’t take long because every stage leading up to delivery has been approved by you as 100% perfect. 

So only minor tweaks are expected at the final delivery stage, eg, "make this scene slightly slower/faster", "zoom into this image more", etc.

Very occasionally you may need major revisions right at the end of production, such as artwork redesigns, new scenes, new script etc. 

This can happen if midway through production your company is taken over and rebranded, or perhaps you get a new CEO, or new department head with fresh video ideas.

In these types of unplanned & unexpected circumstances there may be an additional revision cost.

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