What’s the cost difference between the different types of software explainer video?

There 6 main types of software explainer video

Each is costed differently. You can see their prices here.

Here are the 6 main types or styles of video. Knowing these can help you understand better what you're looking for, in a maze of video styles & options.

Here are examples of each video type:

Low cost 3D Presenter video

A graceful talking Presenter is effective for any presentation whether software demo, in-depth technology explainer, or any video needed to clearly explain stuff your audience needs to know. 

A 3D Presenter video can include screenshots, photographs, charts, animated icons & captions, with everything customised to your corporate style. 

You also get a wide choice of presenters, with the ethnicity, gender and wardrobe of your choice.

Low cost 2D Character video

2D animated characters are liked by audiences because they tell a story. 
They also get the software message across quickly & entertainingly. 
There’s a wide choice of stock characters and animated movements available so you avoid paying for original design or unnecessary animation, which all take hours that you have to pay for. 
Everything is customised to your corporate style.

High cost animated infographic video

This animated infographic style is the slick, smart video you need to spearhead your communications. 
It goes top of the page, and is the perfect introduction to your technology or smart solution. 
Everything is custom designed from the ground up, and comes in at mid-cost. 
The animated infographic explainer is fast becoming the world standard for B2B software developers and technologists.

High cost animated character video

Animated characters tell a story. 
They bring people & situations into your video. 
Original characters, design and animation will also make your message stand out visually in a tough marketplace.
This style lets you tell the story you want with the pictures you want. 
It's a long way from the childlike cartoons that fill up youtube. 
Obviously, it costs more as everything is designed from scratch, but the uniqueness you gain can be worth it.

High cost Stock footage and graphics video

To make your video more emotionally real to your audience, use a blend of stock footage mixed and animated infographics. 
People relate to seeing people. 
Key information points are delivered as impactful animated infographics, such as animated charts, icons & captions.

Demo video

A demo video is not a tutorial. 
It's far slicker than that. 
It's aim is to give the viewer a feel for your technology, its look, its use, and its capability. 
It's really a Benefits Story shown through the eyes of a Demo. 
Its main use is qualifying customers pre-sale, so you spend less time on giving live webcam demos to people who never intended to buy. 
It delivers qualified prospects to your door, while auto-eliminating the time-wasters. 
If this time-saving is important to you, then you need a Demo video.

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