How do I estimate the cost of a software video?

FIRST you need to identify the type or style of software video you’re looking for, eg, a demo video, a tutorial video, a high level overview video, an in-depth explainer video, etc

You can see all these different software video styles in our portfolio.
As a guide:  
  • an animated infographic style works well as a 60-90 second high level overview video suitable for home page,.
  • a budget 2D or 3D animated explainer with some screenshots will explain the details of your solution, or act as a walkthrough demo.
  • a custom designed animation will visually differentiate your solution in a competitive marketplace.

You also need an idea of your budget. Part of this budget process is to estimate what an effective video is worth to you,

SECOND you need to know how long your video is, as this dramatically affects its cost.
As a guide, 130 words of script is 1 minute of video runtime.
Our price list details all these costs for you. Just pick the style and video length you’re interested in, and you’ll see the cost.
You’ll see some videos will work out low cost, while others will cost more. So pick a video style that suits your budget, and get in touch to discuss.  

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