How much will my explainer video cost?

Explainer videos come in four cost brackets

They’re all based around the style of animation you choose, eg:

  • low cost, such as budget 2D and 3D explainer videos
  • mid cost, such as animated infographic or stock footage & graphic videos
  • high cost, such as original design character animation
  • dirt cheap videos, such as social media video which can be produced using a cheap monthly subscription.

Please see our price lists for comparison

Another major cost factor is video runtime, ie, the length of your video.

The cost difference between 1 or 2 minutes of video is substantial

- so it pays to know exactly how long your video is going to be in advance.

Our experience suggests that a high proportion of video customers initially get the runtime estimates wrong.

Get in touch using our contact form, tell us your ideas and we'll give a fairly accurate predicted video runtime you can use for cost estimation purposes.

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